For companies:

Reduce electric energy costs and become more sustainable.

By choosing Eva’s renewable electric energy, companies of all sizes and sectors count with several benefits. So, besides reducing energy bill costs, the carbon foot-print and meeting the ESG goals, companies are also contributing to the protection of the environment, since the energy generation from biogas offers the correct treatment for organic residue, avoiding polluting gases from entering the atmosphere.


No expenditures or equipment installation

Your company gets electricity through the power distribution network.


No bureaucracy

Economy starts when contract is signed.


Guaranteed reduction in energy cost

Real savings on your energy bill.


GHG emissions reduction

Meet ESG goals, reduce the carbon print and contribute to the environment protection.


Estimate your economy:

Learn how much your company can save with Eva.

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You will save at least BRL per year on your energy bill.

*estimated value, which may vary according to the agreed negotiations.

For agribusiness:

Eva correctly discards the waste from production and helps the agribusiness become energy self-sufficient.

By using the waste from agribusiness to produce biogas, Eva favors the circular economy, protects the environment, by preventing the methane from the residue to enter into the atmosphere, and transforms environmental passives into renewable electric energy and biofertilizer.

With Eva the agribusiness finds the environmentally correct solution to waste management, becomes energy self-sufficient, reduces emissions and become more sustainable.


Correct environment passive management

By correctly managing waste, Eva avoids negative impacts on the environment and generates low cost, renewable electric energy.


Self-sufficient farm

With Eva’s 100% renewable electric energy, farms reduce the cost of energy, one of the highest expenses of their operation.


Agribusiness contribution to COP-26 goals

By reusing waste to generate 100% renewable energy, Eva helps the agribusiness meet the 30% reduction in methane emissions by 2030 and also strengthen its position in the world’s technological vanguard.


Low cost energy

The clean electric energy that Eva provides to farms also get to thousands of consumers in Brazil at a low cost.

Learn more about the successful case that transforms agribusiness waste into clean electric energy.

Mano Julio farm - Mato Grosso State

+ 105 acres in Mato Grosso | Production: 500k swine/year | 4 power plants generating 3MW

Since 2019, Eva captures biogas from Mano Julio’s swine waste production to converts it into renewable electric energy to power the farm. Since then, Mano Julio has saved 10% in the energy bill and avoided the emission of more than 3,600 tons of methane/year, a gas 25 times more pollutant than the CO2.

Today, with four Eva’s power plants generating 3MW, Mano Julio is in the way to become energy self-sufficient, reducing costs, contributing to the circular economy and strengthening the agribusiness image in Brazil and internationally.

Watch the report of JN and Programa Agro Mais and learn more about these successful cases.

For landfill administrators:

Eva offers the environmentally correct solution for urban waste disposal.

Eva offers the correct solution for the treatment of urban waste disposal from landfills.

The biogas generation favors the circular economy, transforms environmental passives into renewable electric energy and also protects the environment, since it captures the methane from residue, preventing its emission into the atmosphere.

Besides having power plants in three states producing around 20MW, Eva already has expansion plans to other Brazilian states.

Learn more about our power plants

Eva Mano Julio

In operation
Brazil’s biggest electric energy plant from swine farming biogas.

Eva São Gonçalo

Operating soon

Eva Seropédica

In operation

Eva Mauá

In operation