Clean energy

Biogas, the effective
solution to treat
environmental passives
and to reduce
the energy cost.

Biogas is a renewable resource formed in large part by methane and carbon dioxide. Created during the decomposition of organic matter, biogas can be generated from landfill’s urban residue and farming waste from livestock and crops.

By treating these environmental passives, Eva captures methane, a gas 25 times more pollutant than CO2, preventing it from entering into the atmosphere. Therefore, not only Eva preserves the environment, but also produces 100% renewable electric energy in a process in line with the circular economy.

Besides offering a low cost, 100% renewable electric energy for all-size companies, Eva also offers the I-REC, the certificate to attest the renewable origin of the acquired electric energy.

Biogas offers several benefits for companies and the environment.


Renewable and Flexible

Biogas is a renewable non-intermittent storable energy source that can also be used as combustible.


Circular economy

Besides transforming environmental liabilities into 100% renewable energy or combustible, the biogas generation also produces biofertilizer and green CO2.


Reduced GHG Emissions

Less emissions and lower water and soil contamination.


Carbon credit and

Generated during the biogas production process.

Learn more about the distributed generation and its advantages to your company.

Distributed generation is the term used for the electric energy generated close to the consumer, regardless of power, technology or source of energy. This modality is part of a set of modernizations undergone by the energy sector in Brazil to expand the ways to generate and consume energy.

Every year more companies choose this modality, since it reduces the energy bill, the expenses in interconnection and distribution and uses renewable sources of energy.

From environmental passive to renewable electric energy.

Learn how the clean electric energy is generated from agribusiness waste and landfill residue and how it gets to your company at a low cost.